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Tecumseh is Canada’s source for RWM Casters

Welcome to Tecumseh Casters!

Tecumseh Casters was originally established in 1983 in Windsor, Ontario as a source of casters and wheels for local OEM manufacturers, fabricators and automotive oriented concerns. The business has grown to accommodate a wide range of needs, and now provides ergonomic casters all across Canada.

Some casters and wheels are made to demanding specifications for Tecumseh Casters, while others are industry-leading casters and wheels from European, Canadian, USA and offshore suppliers. Each category of casters has been selected on price, quality, availability and competitive position. You can rest assured that each item meets the advertised properties!

- Over 200,000 caster combinations to choose from!

- More than 2400 wheels available!


Products We Offer

  • Ergonomic Casters
  • NSF Casters
  • Display Case Casters
  • Low Profile Casters
  • Quiet Wheels
  • Conveyor Casters

Caster Categories

  • Light Duty Casters
  • Medium Duty Casters
  • Heavy Duty Casters
  • Extreme Condition Casters
  • Pneumatic Casters
  • Dual Wheeled Casters
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